Resources List

Hi friends!

I thought it might be helpful to share some of the books/podcasts I have been listening to/reading/watching lately as I’ve been working on processing emotions and striving to learn and grow. They are numbered in no particular order other than that “The Glorious In The Mundane” was the first podcast I listened to after our daughter’s death so I thought maybe it should go first. I will continue to add to this list as I discover more and more and am always looking for recommendations if you have any!

#1 – It all began with Season 1 of The Glorious In The Mundane a podcast by Christy Nockles. There are so many beautiful truths shared as she interviews different people and gives perspective on how to find the glorious in the mundane things of life.

#2 – That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs podcast. There are so many absolutely wonderful episodes with wonderful guests! Men and women like: Steven Curtis Chapman, Cory Asbury, Tauren Wells, Bob Goff, John Mark Comer, She Reads Truth, Kate Bowler, Angie Smith, Ally Fallon, Ann Voskamp, Shauna Niequist and so many more. One of my recent favorites is Episode 82 with Christine Caine.

#3 – The Road Back To You: Looking at Life Through the Lens of the Enneagram with Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. The Enneagram is a fascinating study and I have been enjoying both listening to the podcasts and reading both “The Road Back To You” book by Ian Cron and “The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey To Healthy Relationships” by Suzanne Stabile. As I read I am learning more and more about how I was created and how I operate in the world (although I am still unsure as to what number I really am for those who know a bit about it).  

#4 – “Looking For Lovely” and “100 Days to Brave” by Annie F. Downs. Both different and yet both teaching me some beautiful, valuable lessons about being intentional in my looking for lovely things and being challenged to be brave in who God has called me to be.  

#5 – “Unexpected” by Christine Caine. I read this book on our flight to Austin, Texas. All of it. There were so many beautifully worded truth bombs throughout the book as Christine shares some of her life story and what she is learning/has learned. Things like, “But as surprising as the unexpected is, we need to remember that our unexpected is never unexpected to God. God knew this day would come in my life, and he was already in this day waiting for me” (pg. 23).

#6 – Louie Giglio – both his message titled “Hope: When Life Hurts Most (2012)” and “Code Orange Revival” at Elevation Church (especially from minute 29 on)

#7 – “I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy” by Angie Smith. This was so beautifully worded for those who have walked through the grief of losing a child or knows someone else who has and wants to better understand the new “normal” they are navigating

#8 – “GraceLaced: Discovering Timeless Truths Through Seasons of the Heart” by Ruth Chou Simons.  

#9 – “Seasons of Waiting: Walking By Faith When Dreams Are Delayed” by Betsy Childs Howard. This one walks through different seasons of waiting, not just waiting for a child. Howard uses both her story and walk through waiting and the stories of others to help give a perspective on what it means to wait in different seasons of life: waiting for a home, waiting for a spouse, waiting for a prodigal, waiting for a child, etc. 

#10 – “What To Do When Your Friend Loses a Baby”. This one is a blog post by blogger Lindsay who writes a blog called Pinch of Yum. She so beautifully and eloquently put into writing what my heart was feeling as “that friend”, the one you feel like you have to tiptoe around on Mother’s Day, who doesn’t always feel as comfortable in big group settings anymore, etc.. because I am a mom without a baby. Not all of her advice necessarily resonated with me but, at the same time, I really appreciated what she had to say both as someone who has walked through the loss of a child and a friend of others who have walked a similar path.

#11 – “An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination” by Elizabeth McCracken (thanks cousin Lindsay for the recommendation!). McCracken vulnerably shares her story with her readers and I found myself relating on so many levels. For example, when she talks about losing her firstborn and having another child she says, “I want his death to be what it is: a fact. Something that people know without me having to explain it. I don’t feel the need to tell my story to everyone, but when people ask, Is this your first child? I can’t bear any of the possible answers. I’m not ready for my first child to fade into history.” When I am asked if we have any children, I can’t bear any of the possible answers.

#12 – “Grieving the Child I Never Knew” by Kathe Wunnenberg. This was one of the first things I read after we said goodbye to Verity and I will always cherish it.

#13 – “Empty Arms” by Pam Vredevelt, also for the loss of a child. This was given to me by two separate women who also experienced the loss of their children.

#14 – “Flip the Script” by Louie Giglio. A powerful message about pain AND joy and using those scars as a catalyst to amplify our story of salvation.