About Me


How to even begin an “About Me” section…that is the question! I have sat here staring at the screen for far too long trying to figure out what people might even want to know about me. I’m a wife, to the most amazing husband, and a mother, sort of (more on that in a post). Let’s be honest here, the people who read this are likely already my friends and know me so it seems a little silly to be spending so much time on something like this so I decided I am going to write it as I would to my friends.

Hello friends! Allie here: teacher, traveler, and talker. That’s right, I teach the big kids (as I affectionately call them), high school students at a small private school in a pretty small town. In the last 6 years of my teaching career I have taught over 20 different classes but my favorites are the History ones. I love History! I’m weird like that. More on that later. I also love to travel and have visited places across America, Europe, and Asia (some of you have even traveled with me which was a hoot and a holler!)! I can also be a talker. Now, don’t confuse my being a talker with thinking I’m extraverted. I like to refer to myself as an extroverted introvert, give me the option to stay home and I will every time, but get me out in an environment where I know people and I can talk almost faster than the speed of sound (much to my Southern grandpa’s chagrin; he used to always threaten to send me to the South to help me slow down my speech).

All my life, one of the ways I process things (big and small) is through writing. I had journals growing up, granted the entries are few and far between (which I think says more about my NOT wanting to process things than anything else), but still when things happen in life, I write. Most often my writing comes in snippets used in my classroom or, more recently, through posts on social media. My change in deciding to share what I process came out of big life experiences (that I’ll delve more into in a post, but heavens, this is just an “About Me” section and I’m already dragging on) that left me feeling alone and isolated until I read words, and shared moments with others who had walked before me. So, my goal in this blog (yes, I am finally getting to it), is to share life lessons I am learning, eternal verities, that might help at least one other person not feel quite so alone.